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Door Factory Gains Logistical Efficiency

A Brazilian wooden doors factory, located in Santa Catarina, has discovered in radio frequency identification technology the most efficient means of controlling its inventory of more than 600,000 items, and has cut in half the amount of time required for container loading. With RFID, the firm reports that it has achieved a large decrease in operational costs involving logistics and other processes.

The factory, which has asked that its name not be disclosed, is a customer of Sowx, an RFID integration company headquartered in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil. The company is a finalist in this year's RFID Journal Awards, the winners of which will be announced during the RFID Journal LIVE! 2019 conference and exhibition, being held next week in Phoenix, Ariz.



Cleveland JúniorSoares, the director and founder of Sowx, is responsible for the project. "From the moment we started using RFID technology," he says, "when we began to realize its full potential to identify and record the movements of products and equipment used during production in an automatic and integrated way, we realized the great possibilities of economy and maximization of results. Being more efficient in the process of separation and delivery of products for shipment is an extremely important result for our operation."

The RFID solution devised by Sowx to locate products in a large inventory relied on the use of technology in forklifts and the registering of all pallets moved. This made it possible to obtain a very high level of confidence in the locations of all products in stock.


"Before, we sorted pallets of products in stock to complete a transport container, each container being loaded with 35 pallets," Soares says. "Today, with the use of RFID technology and precise information indicating where packages are located in stock, it has been much more agile and efficient to select the products and send them for shipping. We have been able to reduce the time for the separation and delivery of the pallets by 50 percent for each shipment."


The reduction in time required for pallet shipments has allowed the company to double the capacity of its logistics operations at its wood doors factory. "The biggest problem and biggest challenge to be solved," says Soares, "was the time it took to locate a particular product in stock. It would often take too long to find a product because a new production order was requested to produce a new batch and make up for what was not found."


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