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Questions and Answers


Question 1: Is it possible for printing characters or numbers in the same line of curve when printing curves?

Answer: It could not achieve with 0x1B 0x27,suggest printing with 0x1B 0x4B.


Question 2: Why does it fail to print after sending codes for chanracters or chineses?

Answer: It could not print out when the datas are  less than one line, you could add 0x0D commands behind codes or send one full line.


Question 3: Why does it fail to connect bluetooth of portable printers?


1)Is the distance between device and printers within 10m? It will fail to connect if out of 10m.
2)Make the printers have been switched on.
3)Does the Bluetooth match with Bluetooth 2.0 Norms?
4)The Bluetooth of device need pair with printer’s, the passwords is “1234”.


Question 4: Why does it fail to power on for portable printers?


1)Check that if the battery has electricity, you could use multimeter, the voltage of battery is about 7.2v in normal condition, if it is below 6v, the printer will not work.

2)The spring of battery  (a piece)  does not contact battery well,pls reinstall the battery.


Question 5: How to modify the passwords of portable printer’s bluetooth?

Answer: You could modify it by TIII setup tool.

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