UHF Printable on Metal Tag SR-TUR Series
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UHF Printable on Metal Tag SR-TUR Series

UHF Printable on Metal Tag SR-TUR Series

UHF Printable on Metal Tag SR-TUR Series
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Product Features

  • Excellent RF Performance:
    The Read range is better than those of printable on metal tags with similar sizes in the market.

  • More applications:
    It is of good RF performance after being assembled on metal surface, plastic surface, glass surface, ceramic surface, wooden surface and carton surface.
  • Excellent Performance Consistency:
    Products are 100% tested by Voyantic Tagsurance.

  • Durable and Reliable material:
    It is made of good weather resistance, stable and durable material from Avery Dennison and 3M.
  • Be of Self Tuning Function:
    The chip and the tag have self frequency tuning function. The tag can automatically optimize its frequency according to the installation environment of tag.
  • Good Compatibility with printers:
    It can be printed with RFID printers from most manufactures
  • Strong Surface Printing Adhesion:
    After printing with full resin carbon tape, the printed content can pass the alcohol wipe test and water wipe test.
  • Better package is more suitable for product split sales and application
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